The All-Time Fifth Round NFL Draft Team

Includes 2023 Hall of Famer Zach Thomas

The fifth round of the NFL draft has produced seven Pro Football Hall of Famers, two members of the NFL’s 100th anniversary team and 10 all-decade performers.

The Oakland Raiders had the loudest voice in picking the elite. The Raiders drafted three of the all-decade performers – cornerback Lester Hayes in 1977, nose tackle La’Roi Glover in 1996 and punter Shane Lechler in 2000 – and Lechler was also named to the NFL’s 100th anniversary team.

All three have spots on the NFL’s all-time fifth-round NFL draft team. They are joined by three Rams – all of whom were drafted in a different city by the franchise. Quarterback Bob Waterfield was drafted in 1947 by the Cleveland Rams, linebacker Kevin Greene in 1985 by the Los Angeles Rams and offensive tackle Fred Miller in 1996 by the St. Louis Rams.

The all-time fifth-round team would also include the two starting wide receivers on the 2023 AFC Pro Bowl team, Stefon Diggs and Tyreek Hill…although neither is currently playing for his drafting team. The Minnesota Vikings claimed Diggs in 2015 and the Kansas City Chiefs took Hill in 2016. Diggs now plays for the Bills and Hill the Dolphins.

Here is the all-time fifth-round NFL draft team, including the franchise each was drafted by and the year:

QB Bob Waterfield, Cleveland Rams 1947, Hall of Fame, 1940s all-decade team

HB Herschel Walker, Dallas 1985, 2 Pro Bowls, 8,225 rushing yards, 82 TDs

FB Larry Centers, Phoenix Cardinals 1990, 3 Pro Bowls, 827 receptions, 32 TDs

*-Stefon Diggs, Minnesota 2015, 3 Pro Bowls, 5 1,000-yard seasons, 59 TDs

*-WR Tyreek Hill, Kansas City 2016, 7 Pro Bowls, 5 1,000-yard seasons, 63 TDs

TE Ben Coates, New England 1991, 5 Pro Bowls, 1980s all-decade team

T Al Wistert, Philadelphia 1943, Pro Bowl, 1940s NFL all-decade team, 2 championship rings

T Fred Miller, St. Louis Rams 1996, 13 seasons, Super Bowl ring

G Stan Jones, Chicago 1953, Hall of Fame, 7 Pro Bowls, 13 seasons

G Conrad Dobler, St. Louis Cardinals 1972, 3 Pro Bowls, 10 seasons, 125 starts

C Mike Webster, Pittsburgh 1974, Hall of Fame, NFL’s 100th anniversary team

DE Robert Mathis, Indianapolis 2003, 5 Pro Bowls, 123 ½ sacks

DE Dexter Manley, Washington 1981, Pro Bowl, 103 ½ sacks

DT Henry Jordan, Cleveland 1957, Hall of Fame, 4 Pro Bowls

DT La’Roi Glover, Oakland 1996, 6 Pro Bowls, 2000s all-decade team

OLB Kevin Greene, Los Angeles Rams 1985, Hall of Fame, NFL’s #4 all-time sacker

MLB Zach Thomas, Miami 1996, Hall of Fame, 2000s all-decade team

OLB Woodrow Lowe, San Diego 1976, 11 seasons, 151 starts, 26 sacks

CB Dick LeBeau, Cleveland 1959, Hall of Fame, NFL’s #10 all-time interceptor

CB Lester Hayes, Oakland 1977, 5 Pro Bowls, 10 seasons, 37 interceptions

S Merton Hanks, San Francisco 1991, 4 Pro Bowls, 9 seasons, 33 interceptions

S Rodney Harrison, San Diego 1994, 2 Pro Bowls, 15 seasons, 34 interceptions

*-K Daniel Carlson, Minnesota 2018, 2-time NFL scoring champion

P Shane Lechler, Oakland 2000, 7 Pro Bowls, NFL’s 100th anniversary team

KR Dante Hall, Kansas City 2000, 2 Pro Bowls, 12 return TDs (6 on KOs, 6 on punts)

*-ST Matthew Slater, New England 2008, 10 Pro Bowls, 3 Super Bowl rings

LS Ryan Pontbriand, Cleveland 2003, 2 Pro Bowls, 9 seasons, 134 games

*-Still active


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