The All-Time Southern Cal NFL Team

Anthony Munoz, Ronnie Lott and more

No school has produced more Heisman Trophy winners than Southern Cal.

There have been seven of them, all skill players — five running backs (Mike Garrett, O.J. Simpson, Charles White, Marcus Allen and Reggie Bush) and two quarterbacks (Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart). That allows us to draw this conclusion – they know how to block at Southern Cal.

The Trojans rank second all-time with 540 NFL draft picks. Southern Cal also ranks second with 83 first-rounders — and a staggering 21 of them have been offensive tackles.

Ron Yary was the first overall selection of the NFL draft in 1968 by the Minnesota Vikings. He’s now in the Hall of Fame. Tony Boselli was the second overall choice of the 1995 draft. He is now in the Hall of Fame. Anthony Munoz was the third overall pick of the 1980 draft. He’s also in the Hall of Fame.

Southern Cal has had 10 offensive tackles selected in the Top 10 of drafts, including Ron Mix. He was the 10th overall choice of the 1960 draft and became a Hall-of-Fame blocker for the San Diego Chargers.

Here’s is the all-time Southern Cal NFL team:

QB–Carson Palmer, 3 Pro Bowls

RB–O.J. Simpson, Hall of Fame

RB–Marcus Allen, Hall of Fame

WR–Lynn Swann, Hall of Fame

WR–Keyshawn Johnson, 1st overall pick of 1996 draft

TE–Charle Young, 3 Pro Bowls

OT–Anthony Munoz, Hall of Fame

OT–Ron Yary, Hall of Fame

G–Bruce Matthews, Hall of Fame

G–Roy Foster, 3 Pro Bowls

C–Ryan Kalil, 5 Pro Bowls

*-DE–Everson Griffen, 4 Pro Bowls

DE–Gary Jeter, 79 career sacks

DT–Jurrell Casey, 5 Pro Bowls

DT–Darrell Russell, 2 Pro Bowls

LB–Clay Matthews Jr., 4 Pro Bowls

LB–Clay Matthews III, 6 Pro Bowls

LB–Junior Seau, Hall of Fame

CB/S–Ronnie Lott, Hall of Fame

CB–Don Doll, 4 Pro Bowls

S–Willie Wood, Hall of Fame

S–Troy Polamalu, Hall of Fame

K–David Buehler, 114 career points

KR—Clarence Davis, 27.1-yard career KR average

ST—Mosi Tatupu, the Mosi Tatupu Award given annually to the best special-teams player in college football

*-Still active

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